Let’s Go To Texas

We decided to take our spring trip to Texas to see Liz’s son Cory and his wife Annie. Cory and Annie were married last year during the pandemic and were not able to have a wedding with family attendance. They also purchased a home in San Antonio that we have not seen, so we all got our vaccinations to make this trip Covid-safe.

We planned out trip to make a loop going through Colorado and returning through Utah.

The Drive to Texas

We decided to drive pretty much straight to Texas without any exploring on the way.  We broke the trip into 4 days of travel Click HERE for a recap of the drive, and HERE for the RV Parks. We discovered that when planning consecutive days of travel we need to consider the speed limits that Google uses to determine drive time. Many area of this trip were 80 MPH speed limits and when towing a travel trailer we definitely do not drive at 80mph!

San Antonio

Thousand Trails has an RV Park on the outskirts of San Antonio at Medina Lake, so we took advantage of our membership and stayed there during our visit. The RV Park is located a little less than an hour from Cory and Annie’s house. As our visit progressed we opted to move to a different RV Park for closer proximity to San Antonio as described in “Moving Day” below.

We had a great time in San Antonio visiting with Cory and Annie and experiencing the area they call home. There is a lot to see in the area, in fact, we just touched on some of the highlights. The traffic is a bit challenging for those of us that are not familiar with the area as there are many freeways that intersect with each other. We did not get past the anxiety of learning a new area and traffic patterns during our time here. We did not really get to know our way around relied on Google maps which as we all know can be challenging at times.

Click the links below for a recap of our daily activities.

4/16 – Day 1 in San Antonio

4/17 ~ Exploring San Antonio a bit

4/18 – 4/20 ~ A Little Project

4/21 – Alamo District

4/22 ~ Wrapping things up – Nothing to eventful, just a continuation of the ‘Project”

4/23 – Moving Day

4/24 – A Bike Ride and Meeting Family

4/25 – Botanical Garden

4/26 – Brackenridge Park

4/27 – No Agenda

4/28 – A Change of Plans

4/29 – Preparing to Travel – Just a quiet day doing laundry and preparing for a few days of travel to our next destination.


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