Oregon Coast Winter Trip

Winter Storms

We have always heard about the winter storms on the Oregon Coast so we took a trip to Newport In January. We reserved a cabin at the Whaler’s Rest resort in Newport. We have a weekly cabin pass annually through our Thousand Trails membership.

Day 1 ~ Depoe Bay

January 5. We started our adventure with a visit to Depoe Bay. The wave action was pretty amazing, at one point as we were standing on the sidewalk near the sea waol, a wave crashed against the rocks and went up over the wall. The water came down and drenched me from head to toe. Fortunately we were wearing full rain gear.

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Day 2 ~ Yachats

Jamuary 6. Another favorite for viewing surf is Yachats. We visited the area on day 2. The Yachats and Seal Rock area  also has some interesting galleries we visited.

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Day 3 ~ Newport Area

January 7. Yaquina Head is a great area for some ocean views. We braved the high winds and hiked the trail to the top of the hill adjacent to the lighthouse.

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This was a fun trip, The weather of course was not great as you would expect this time of year. While the storms were not spectacular, it was interesting enough to keep us entertained for long spells watching the wave action. We spent all of our outdoor time in full rain gear and were glad to have it! We definitely had our fill of rain by the time we left.

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