Mount Shasta to Bend

Homeward Bound

We broke the trip home up into a few days. After our stop at the Harvest Host in Corning, we proceeded to Mt Shasta. We have driven past Mt Shasta on previous trips but never had the opportunity to explore the area.

Mt Shasta

We stayed at Mt Shasta KOA.  As we have come to expect, the KOA was well kept and amenities all in good working order as is typical with KOA (Details HERE). The drive from Corning was just pretty short, so, on Day 1, we had time to check out the town after setting up. We had great weather here, although it was a bit on the warm side. On Day 2, we headed out for some see more of the area. 

Bend, Oregon

Bend is another area we never really visited. We had a nice drive between Mt Shasta and Bend, Oregon. As we drove out of the Mt Shasta area we discovered that the north side of the mountain has much more snow than the side we saw while in that area. It took about 4 hours do get to the Bend/Sunriver RV Campground,  which is a part of Thousand Trails. After setting up we drove into Bend, (about 15 minutes) and investigated a bit. We knew we wanted to get a bike ride of some sort in so we went to a bike shop to learn more about the area. See campground details HERE

We only had a couple of days in this area. We discovered that Bend and the surrounding area has a lot to offer for a multi-day visit here. Activities including, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, and just enjoying Bend amenities could easily fill a couple of weeks.

Day 1 ~ A Bike Ride Around Bend

Day 2 ~ Hiking Paulina Peak



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