Boston Trip ~ Week 2

More Exploration

This week is we will be exploring Boston more and visiting The Ames-Bright family as opportunity allowed. We are sharing time there with Annie’s family and alternate visits with them as the apartment is on the small side and gets congested with too many people at once.

Later in the week we had different agendas as I have made arrangements to see my brother in Connecticut and Liz’s middle son is arriving in Boston.

As we continue to explore the area, we are getting lots of walking in and after a week here, we are finally beginning to figure out the layout and logistics of getting around. We have found that we are doing more walking and relying on Uber if we need to be somewhere quickly or end up further from our next destination than is practical for walking.

We also discovered this week that the different areas around Boston each have their unique character and feel to them.

The last couple of days in this entry are my experiences with my brother Kevin. While I was in Connecticut, Liz spent her time with Casey, Cory, & Annie getting to know Owen.


Click the links below for daily adventures:


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Day 9 – No Agenda

Day 10 ~ No Agenda, Travel To Hamden, CT

Day 11 ~ Hamden and Yale

Day 12 ~ Connecticut


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